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The Natural Flame

The newest addition to the VikingShire HandMade line-up is organic soy wax candles! We are excited to offer these natural, clean burning candles for your enjoyment.

Candles have always been a favored item in my household but I would sometimes get one that would give off black sooty smoke and that was definitely not something I wanted to be breathing in. I started researching how to make a candle with natural materials that would incorporate into VikingShire's pledge to the environment. Soy wax candles seemed to be a perfect choice. I then found a supplier that offered 100% American grown organic soy wax and started making these beautiful little jars of joy. I opted for a natural cherry wood wick because not only are they all natural but when burned they give off a soft crackling sound which adds to the ambiance.

After a few trials, I settled on a combination of organic soy wax, cherry wood wicks, pure essential oils and premium fragrance oils and "Kracklin' Kandles" were born. Though there is a possibility of hundreds if not thousands of scents, I have chosen to make them in a limited number of my customer's favorite scents. In doing so, I have eliminated the possibility of needing a giant warehouse to store them all!

Soy wax candles are 100% natural, plant-based and bio-degradable. They burn cleaner and longer and unlike paraffin wax, soy wax candles do not emit any carcinogens like toluene and benzene, both of which have been linked to the development of asthma and lung cancer. They are also vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and sustainable which makes them a perfect addiditon to the VikingShire HandMade family of products.

Why not try one today!

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